Feel the real of fantasy colour


All courses take place over a full weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Experienced airbrusher bring with their own equipment, plus material (painting backgrounds are also concerned by arrangement by me).

"Absolute Beginners" (beginners without equipment) students pay for borrowed equipment and material a flat rate of 35 € / 350 SEK / person.

"How to draw" students pay for borrowed equipment and material a flat rate of 25 € / 250 SEK / person.


Intern, in my studio: 

"Absolute Beginners" workshops and for the workshop "How to draw"                                     per person: 100 € / 1000 SEK plus material.

Intern, in my studio: 

workshops for advanced, per person: 200 € / 2000 SEK

Extern, local and topic of your choice: 

workshop per weekend and person:  300 € / 3000 SEK


Working groups „Konst-Café“

Working groups should be really just fun. It is up to you how and with which kind to paint you use your common time.

The goal of this "action" is, ...

... to have time to do, what you mostly like to do in society, what you don´t like to do at home all alone.

... to spread out and think of something else.

And who knows, maybe a small standard group will be formed ;-)

Come and paint with me. It´s so easily. I look forward to you all :-)

The partially price of this is an amount of € 15 € / 150 SEK / person and day (excluding the costs of material, because those art supplies should bring each of his own).

At the moment 4 tables with table easels and 2 large easels also with seating (a total of 4 places) are available in the studio. The allocation of places is already clear at registration, so that everyone gets the desired place according to its requirements.



You still have questions? Or you are interested in a workshop or working group? Inform yourself without any commitment. Please send me an email via contact and ask myself. Your message will be answered as soon as possible.

I am very pleased to meet you and may develop something with you in common.