Feel the real of fantasy colour

 What exactly is a working group?

...also called ”Konst-Café”

You like to draw? Oil ... watercolor... acrylic... airbrush...?

You know the feeling not to find a beginning? ... to pull yourself?

If you are alone, you don´t find an impulse and have no fun?


Then now you are exactly right!


Just bring your materials and find the fun and inspiration among peers.

A working group is not a lesson. Here we want to ...

  • draw together with fun and without coercion
  • find motivation
  • communicate with each other
  • and you have the opportunity to make new contacts


We offer:

  • a practical and professional work environment in the studio (large work desks and easels)
  • for exchanging and relaxing, a comfortable separate bistro relax seating area
  • coffee, tea and cake