Feel the real of fantasy colour

 Workshops in your space !

You've always been interested in how airbrush works?

 .....or do you miss some experience ...or the technique?

......or you want to try something new?


Then take the gun and don´t be shy! Everyone is an artist!


Because here you will find the appropriate workshops ....

                                         .... not only because of the content ....

                                                       .... rather in familiar *surroundings.


* Requirement for workshops in your locality:

  • a group with minimum 4 up till 6 persons

  • you have a room with sufficient seating and tables (for beginners)

        or easels and related equipment (for advanced) and sufficient lightning.


 Workshops for groups with 2-4 persons in my airbrush studio:

  • optimum working conditions are given

  • beginners do not need any skills, material or equipment

  • professional work material is available and can be borrowed

  • private lessons are also possible. This is equivalent to the cost of external workshops (300 € / 3000 SEK / person)



Workshop "How to draw"...

You will learn how to draw? You've sat so many times before in front of the famous "white sheet of paper" and have not managed to get the first mark?

In this workshop it is not a question of who draws the best, whether someone draws good or bad, or even who can draw at all.

Everyone will leave the studio at the end of this course with a completely new sense of awareness. We will start where you as adults have left your imagination running wild, to be unaffected and the desire for perfection has been integrated into your subconscious mind.

We will find out together why we are so inhibited to do exactly these things and to overcome these inhibitions. In addition, we are mainly concerned with the topic of "free drawing", with all the utensils we need and how exactly these are used:

  • different pencil thicknesses will be tried and the various display intensities achieved

  • different hatches will be explained and tested

  • technical applications

  • simple perception exercises

  • light and shaddow

  • perspektive
  • .....


So that everyone can draw with same conditions and everyone has the chance to take part in this course with all and the same means, all the necessary utensils will be provided.

Have the courage and dare to go a new way of free drawing and to present what you see and feel on a white sheet of paper. ...in your way.





Absolute Beginners Workshop:


  • how does the airbrush work?

  • brief introduction to the theory of color

  • explanations and exercises in handling of the gun and the colors

  • basic exercises

  • masks

  • 3D-ball

  • sky, stars, cosmos

  • the feather

  • .....

...and it can go on and on.


Wild animals:

  • fur texture or skin texture of wild animals (varies based on agreement)
  • create depth in fur and complete picture
  • perspektive and movement
  • techniques and effects

(Not suitable for very inexperienced)


Animal portrait:

  • fur structure our beloved pets
  • portrait selection / perspektive
  • create depth in fur and complete picture
  • techniques and effects

(Not suitable for very inexperienced)


Portrait monochrome:

  • the optimum illumination (requirements for portrait selection)

  • light and shadow

  • knowing proportions
  • appearance of skin and hair

(Not suitable for inexperienced)



  • the optimum illumination (requirements for portrait selection)

  • theme skin color, different types, different skin tones
  • capture areas of the face

  • knowing proportions

  • light and shadow, impact on color shades

(Not suitable for inexperienced)


Black & White:

  • representation with white on black background

  • light and shadow

  • monochrome effect

  • negativ effect

(Not suitable for very inexperienced)