Feel the real of fantasy colour

 Welcome to the Airmade Airbrush Website!


...and welcome to the fantastic world of Airbrush.

Let yourself be leaded into a world, where thoughts and dreams will come true by a colored breeze.

Whether sunk in painterly atmosphere or lost in photorealistic fantasy, all this allows us the "air brush".



You have own ideas? Here they will be converted by your commission.

You want to realize your ideas by yourself, you want to know what Airbrush is, or perhaps brush up or even improve your existing skills?

Visit our workshops.


You are happy in society and just want to live out your hobby with like-minded? ... you will find motivation and having fun while painting, brushing and / or drawing?

Visit our working groups.


The offer of airbrush work is broad from custom painting over portrait work up to illustrations.





Airmade - Airbrush design allows you ...


  • to realize your own desires
  • to attend workshops
  • to rediscover the joy of your own works in working groups